OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Ben Simmons Off a Perc; Happy Birthday to Cap

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What about his “game play” don’t you like? ....Efficiency wise he’s shooting 38% from 3 and gets to the line so much that ppl hate him for it now , so what’s the problem there?

He basically ballin out the same way as when he was an all star last year but management and injury luck failing yo yet again
Watch he won't be able to answer this question with any facts :lol::smh:

edit -


but I’ll wait. Good luck champ.
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Damn y’all are really sensitive about Trae....

Y’all must have been tight AF he didn’t make the All Star team. :lol:
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Cats say dumb **** and get mad when they get questioned :lol: :smh: ...If you jumping out the windows bring a lil bit of facts wit it else you just really in your feelings Coupé It Coupé It

I really don’t care man :lol:

I expected Trae to be 45/40/90 this year. Literally all I said is good luck and I’ll take your words for it.

I’m willing to wait to see what happens. God damn, where was all this energy at for the all star voting? Y’all should have done numbers!!! :lol:
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My bad, you’re right. I’m out of it right now and not in the best shape so I’m buggin :lol:
#prayforstorm2006. I'm at the bar now and they dont have the nba on none of the tvs, all kinds of college basketball, female ncaa ball, billards, literally axe throwing, this better not be a they dont stand for the national anthem thing
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