OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Ben Simmons Off a Perc; Happy Birthday to Cap

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very late on seeing the 3pt contest contestants, I am surprised we not getting a curry vs curry 2 3pt contest like in 18-19 contest

feel seth deserved another chance after this start to the season from 3, although he dont get as many up as the ones who are participating now


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i hope steph stays away from the events :emoji_pray:
can't have him risk his health by breaking covid protocols for Fabolous
Steph definitely falls in the category of players that you don’t have to worry about although he could easily blend in. I don’t think Luka or Giannis would break protocol but they’d definitely stick out like a sore thumb at at Lil Baby and Moneybagg Yo party :lol:
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to me it's a different proposition to say hey;

"we talked to his past coaches and teammates and they hate his guts and think he's a lazy and we think he won't work hard to fill his potential"


"we talked to him at a fancy dinner and he has some interesting thoughts on marginal tax rates and the israel-palestine we think this will make him...good at basketball?"

to me 1 is a data point 2 has zero relevance to the enterprise of winning basketball gaming.
I think you’re taking the Warriors propaganda too seriously/literal. So many of their writers/media people fall in line.
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via NBA TopShot ?

damn they really are pushing this site heavy, but the people they pay to push it fail to speak on withdrawls

not mad at it though
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