OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Chapter 5- Steph moves to 2nd on all time 3pt FGs made list in blowout loss to red hot Jazz

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People don’t seem to know embiid. He pouts when they lose or he doesn’t get the ball enough. The only reason he likes Ben is because he passes him the ball constantly
You ever consider he doesn't actually "like" Ben and just continues to say the right thing whenever asked about their ability to co-exist? I think you've failed to see the bigger picture in his growth on the court.
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I think it's also good for Ben to just get a fresh start. It's not even the shooting that he needs to fix, I'd rather see him fine tune his handle and learn how to keep a live dribble, attack angles and get to the hoop. Dude plays with zero confidence when they need him to get a bucket
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Getting JimTheFatMan would make missing out on the Pappy Van Winkle lottery in PA infinitely more palatable
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Interesting how Simmons is now good enough to be the centerpiece of a blockbuster trade :lol:
In what part of what you quoted did you get that I was saying Ben's not good enough to be the centerpiece to a deal?

Building around him and Embiid isn't easy. And that's fleshed itself out. But if my choices are Ben or Embiid, it's obviously Embiid. Houston doesn't have that choice.

If my choice is Ben vs. Caris LeVert, I'm taking Ben. Especially if the secondary pieces include Tyrese Maxey rather than Dinwiddie and whatever else.
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