OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Delusional DPOTY Candidate Ben Simmons Aims to Lock Down Chef Curry: Warriors @ Sixers Monday 430 PM PST/ESPN


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I have no idea and hope nobody else on here does either. Knowing something like that (off the top of one’s head) would be next level basketball nerd-ry.
Potential assists is a thing now. We passed next level nerd-ry a long time ago.
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Don’t worry Hasan Whiteside finna come through and look like Wilt.
Don’t know if serious, but I think if anyone can get the most out of Hassan it would be Bron. Even though I’d like Hassan better in Brooklyn, I think he’d be a good fit for LA
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lawdog1 lawdog1 :lol:

18-19 Kings had Cauley-Stein at 00, and Barnes/Koufos in the 40s

I was curious to see who had worn 00 and just kept going
The 1988-1989 Lakers had three guys who wore numbers in the 40s: James Worthy (42), Mychal Thompson (43) and AC Green (45). And they also had Orlando Woolridge, who wore 0 (not 00).

I looked that team up because I remembered Worthy and Green both wearing 40 numbers.
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Or, just, you know... Understand that people get drawn to basketball or football or whatever for different reasons.

And just because "nerds" find value or entertainment in different places than you doesn't mean they aren't "real fans".

Don't gotta be the same for everyone.


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I agree, the title of video/tweet was just probably for clickbait.

Dudes just have to know how to apply stats toward what they explain, to point out when it matters or why they’re brought up.
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I get it from both sides of the ball. It's interesting because come playoff time, a lot of these advanced stats go out the window.

Adjustments, back to fundamentals, and a much slower paced game seem to take over.


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Why do people keep mentioning Jarrett Allen as a trade target? I thought the Cavs got him and are moving on from Drummond because they view him as part of their future RYC with the SexLand back court.
Wardell needs MOAR help
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