OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Steph Passes Wilt to Become Warriors All Time Leading Scorer; Jamal Murray Tears ACL

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why would mitchell miss that on purpose? you're still down four, needing a three plus and one
better chance stealing or forcing 5s and hitting a three

pg did everythng to give the gm away at the end :lol:
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My guy Kawhi is ready for whatever. And Playoff P just warming up.

Clip City all the way. Lebron ain’t s**** without the Unibrow and everybody knows it.
it was all Kawhi in this game. otherwise, Clippers would have lost this. those rebounds were crucial.
with regards to Lebron, it was obvious from the start when the Lakers were gunning for Kawhi, PG and AD more than a year ago.
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he got skills beating an almost deadlast team with whoexactly is their best player?
Giannis pulls this the very next game after being stripped multiple times, bricking FTs and simply having no answer on multiple possessions :lol: :lol:
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Typical NT, Bron showing reg szn vows, Ad gonna heal
Up in couple weeks, and when playoffs begin, gonna be same story as always, he’ll
Be in the finals and it will be against the nets. Clippers, Jazz, Sixers, whoever else ppl
Hoping for won’t be there. Why do we overthink this every year

Also why and how is Hubie still calling games? Someone come get their grandpa
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