Official Aime Leon Dore Thread

Joined Sep 17, 2015
Is there a way to make an account on ALD?

I just remembered I have those 1300 on pre-order from em :lol: and I wanna at least see the status.

Them joins haven't shipped yet right :nerd:
Joined Mar 6, 2018
I got very lucky and was able to cop last season's overcoat while traveling in Europe. It was already sold out everywhere, but Mr. Porter's European site had one left in my size, and I was able to ship it to my hotel while I was over there. It's easily one of my favorite ALD pieces.

That coat is ridiculous 🔥
Joined Jun 25, 2015
Like the navy one best, but considering how infrequently I'll wear the Dunk sweater, I dont see myself bothering with another $400 sweater to wear even less.

Also, holding out for a couple of pairs of Q14s whenever they drop.

EDIT: Copped LOL
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Joined Mar 1, 2005
Yeah, I’m going to try to grab this one.
How do their sweaters fit? Same as hoodies?

the navy is best looking but looks more festive/holiday-esque.
The grey is less appealing but more versatile.

looks good on her here

Joined Nov 21, 2017
I got EA and copped with the quickness. I missed out on it the first time, and couldn't let that happen again. I ended up grabbing the olive/black. The grey is fire, but I like the red detail of the uniform and the OG blue definitely has holiday vibes. I'm hyped I finally got this piece!
Joined Nov 21, 2017
Damn. EA got me. Got the navy in small. Sigh. I need an intervention lol
If you love ALD, this was not the one to intervene on lol. I feel like this is one of those joints you can keep stashed and wear whenever without it losing its appeal. Just don't cop on the next drop

People without EA or store access can't just be out of luck. I hope they sat stock aside for a general online release cause people are gonna be pissed if the site just loads up 'sold out' tomorrow
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