Official Air Jordan 1 Mid Thread Vol: Not The Best Model/Thread

Joined Aug 12, 2013
Man I hope I hit on the Melody pair, can't see myself dropping $500 for them :lol: :smh:

No luck on CLOTS yesterday so I'll assume it's just building up for this weekend lmao
Joined Oct 29, 2013
Had to call corporate after not seeing my charge fall. Had fedex free shipping on the order confirmation. Gave me USPS tracking tho. Should be in Jersey on Thursday
Joined Jan 9, 2007
Anywhere To Still Grab A Pair Of Blues At Retail?

Gonna Probably Bite The Bullet And Grab A Resell Pair If It’s A Wrap :nerd:
Joined Aug 12, 2013
Nothing over a size 10.5 for the Melody pair raffle on Extra Butter lol, that sucks
Joined Jan 18, 2013
Got my pair in yesterday. Materials are nice. Not feeling them though like I thought I would. Colors just to wild for me to pull off. Someone on here said they look like clown shoes... honestly that kind of a good way to put it. We’ll see maybe they grow on me.
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