Official Air Jordan 1 Mid Thread Vol: Not The Best Model/Thread

Joined Dec 28, 2014
^ I would say my Equality pair has about the same quality as the recent SI's (particularly the sail parts). Toebox leather is soft so it' should crease nuturally and no folding.. with that said, still not as good as the highs. Love the blacktoe color blocking so all will be had.
Joined Jun 14, 2013
Did anybody cop the BHM Equality pair? How's the leather feel?

Yo just had a thought. What if JB started to add the NIke Air tongue Tag on the mids? I noticed not all mids have the jumpman on the heel now.
Copped for a buddy and quality isn't that great.
Joined Aug 23, 2017
My Pine Green mids came in and I love them! For the $120 price tag, I find the leather quality to be really good. I'm looking forward to adding more Jordan 1 mids to my collection.
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Quite a few people saying these are decent quality. Maybe all the recent interest in mids has made JB make some changes.
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I just ordered a pair of the Top 3 Jordan 1 Mids on FNL. I personally think they are a dope pair of kicks and since there is so many different colors on the shoe I have so many different outfit options to choose from.
Joined Nov 2, 2013
Did y'all see the Lakers colorway dropped on Shoe Palace? I know they are about to hit all the other stores soon. Need to be ready for those
Joined Nov 2, 2013
people are paying some pretty crazy prices right now for those Lakers mids
We gotta hunt these down this upcoming week. I was only able to grab some GS sizes yesterday. Men's have not started selling anywhere yet besides shoe palace as I know of
Joined Dec 9, 2017
Damn, I heard it got real in the AJ1 thread with mids vs hi's.. dudes went and made a whole thread. :lol:
I was referred to this thread from the hi tops thread
Just saw so many good looking color 1s with no hype, what gives?
Blue lagoon (I considered it after getting no Royal 1s), South Beach (except the pink), Black-patent leather gold swoosh, Lakers mid

Roast me or educate me, I started to understand it's because high tops vs mid tops.
price point was different from the start.
UNDS today on these.

Great looking.

btw Lakers 1 mid evaporated from within a second
I had my size in cart and could not check out.

Thats fine good bye LeBron.
Joined Feb 27, 2013
My Top 3 Mids arrived and I'm really starting to get into collecting mids because not only do they look dope on feet but I feel they fit my feet better than the highs.
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