Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

Best colorway?

  • Black/Red

    Votes: 935 45.6%
  • Royal

    Votes: 297 14.5%
  • Chicago

    Votes: 355 17.3%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 155 7.6%
  • Black Toe

    Votes: 212 10.3%
  • UNC

    Votes: 63 3.1%
  • Kentucky

    Votes: 18 0.9%
  • Neutral Grey

    Votes: 17 0.8%

  • Total voters
Joined Nov 9, 2011
Dude said was chicago like leather which is good enough for me.

And those what the 1s are going to be buns no matter the color blocking...
Joined Dec 2, 2011
So I'm assuming you own both it sounds like your saying the superior sections from color to color makes them essentially equal in your opinion?
Sounds like your just trading the cage for the panels and if combined you'd have the best thing ever lol
Nope. The grain is better overall on the frags softness =\= quality
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Joined Oct 24, 2010
Dude said was chicago like leather which is good enough for me.

And those what the 1s are going to be buns no matter the color blocking...
^ Looks pretty soft in the pic.
We all knew they would be soft

Any of the 2015 have actually been soft and nice so doubt they would
Come out with a crappy quality 1.. But it's JB [emoji]129300[/emoji]


formerly exo1127
Joined Feb 13, 2013
As far as comfort goes...imo


I have unc and cybers but haven't worn them yet. 2013 royals are more comfortable than the recent shadows and black/reds imo.


Joined Oct 24, 2010
Fam I've been holding out trying to get a decent price for some Chicagos. Getting antsy. Should I just squeeze the trigger for $450?
10.5 are selling for $450? You haven't looked in the right places because any price I've seen online have all been under $400
Joined Oct 19, 2013
^^^everyone has there opinion I'm sure, SBB are the best to me as well and the spacejam 11... Both understated and simple, SBB's color blocking looks like it could've been an original cw IMO and that's what it's all about for me, there have been a handful of really nice plus cws but the further you get away from original vibes the worse, that's why "what the" and the like just get ignored, stopped even paying attention to stuff like that a long time ago
Joined Dec 3, 2014
I'm guna go with the breds as the best cw for thr 1's. After copping the banned 1's the love for 1's only got stronger. I remember walking into nike outlet randomally and seeing them for $110. Had to double up
Joined Oct 19, 2013
Just to clarify I'm not claiming SBB are the best cw of the 1s, there just the best plus cw of any J IMO, the best 1 cw overall/alltime IMO is the Chicago's with the black and red riiiiiiiight there behind em
Joined May 1, 2011
Here's a photo that shows more of the toe box. I see nipple. Most likely fakes.

Astonishingly awful. If you tell me you copping because of collecting purposes, I'm cool with it. But you lying if you cop because these are dope. I wouldn't pay $32.50 for these
Joined Dec 21, 2013
I'm definitely copping the Lettermans. I'm relieved to see there doesn't seem to be a lot of hype around them right now. 
"Right now". They're all red 1's. The hype train will be full by the end of the week.  I've said I wanted them since the beginning of the year. That hasn't changed for me. They're dope.
Not an idiot, quality aside they aren't that great
the pic dude posted on the last page sealed it for me
I think they're dope, but not as amazing as everyone in this thread would like us to believe.  Like they're a very pretty shoe...just not a $400+ pretty.
Hate that I sold my SBB 1s but I needed money for the down payment on my car.
Going to recop sometime next month
Why the regrets? Car > Kicks ....ALL DAY
Lance Mountains are the best Non OG colorway for me. the concept and the quality is one of the best. 
This pic looks like some bad fakes with the shiny plastic leather
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