Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

Best colorway?

  • Black/Red

    Votes: 868 46.2%
  • Royal

    Votes: 277 14.7%
  • Chicago

    Votes: 309 16.4%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 143 7.6%
  • Black Toe

    Votes: 195 10.4%
  • UNC

    Votes: 55 2.9%
  • Kentucky

    Votes: 17 0.9%
  • Neutral Grey

    Votes: 15 0.8%

  • Total voters
Joined May 10, 2019
I have noticed jb been stealing alot of my ideas,first not for sale then the dior 1 collab..i deserve credit and the spot on marketing team .

j mobile

Joined Oct 26, 2014
doubtful .... next year JB will release another iteration (probably the pair folks wanted - all leather black/orange) so this will be less sought after.
I’d like for this to be true, but I personally doubt it. Would be damn near identical to what we just got, save for the finish and outsole color, and as far as I can remember JB doesn’t usually release pairs so similar so close in proximity (the recent men’s and women’s UNCs are the only exception I can think of to this). In a few years though...I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.
Joined Dec 26, 2013
For anyone that has the turbo greens how do you like them? Been thinking about scooping up a pair, like how the colors are a bit different than the usual
Joined Aug 23, 2019
man... JB really stays releasing a million different mediocre colorways

can't blame them. if they sell they sell

I just can't imagine wearing most of these over any of the 20+ great colorways we've gotten the last several years
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