Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

Best colorway?

  • Black/Red

    Votes: 949 45.5%
  • Royal

    Votes: 300 14.4%
  • Chicago

    Votes: 362 17.3%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 156 7.5%
  • Black Toe

    Votes: 214 10.3%
  • UNC

    Votes: 66 3.2%
  • Kentucky

    Votes: 18 0.9%
  • Neutral Grey

    Votes: 22 1.1%

  • Total voters
Joined Jan 18, 2004
Just a general question here regarding odor from shoes. I know everyone here collects, and some will store their shoes away, but for your regular rotations do you keep some sort of air freshener nearby to kill any smells?
Does anyone use an air purifier? Does that help?
Put dryer sheets in them. 👍🏻
Joined Jan 18, 2004
Do you fam. Im not a hater. Nothing to consider for me. Was just disappointed for what it was and what it’s come to. Im sure they will still sell.

Off topic, but you would think Nike would take into consideration how long you’ve been a “member” and offer rarer more sought after exclusives for being a follower for x amount of time.
Joined Sep 10, 2012
Only bought from ebay a handful of times. Always skeptic.

On the subject of legit checks, have yall used the Check Check app? Just used out of curiosity and it said my Court Purple 1.0’s didn’t pass based on “Appearance” 😳. Say it ain’t so.

Pics used:
6E6E2EC3-2AB0-4C6A-9EEE-E3DB83C2B666.jpeg 833911C2-47C3-40B0-B421-3768016B08C0.jpeg DD495344-4851-4F63-80C8-EEE61250B67D.jpeg 724197C1-3C75-4072-91B3-D24F2BE7C7AB.jpeg 0E96A074-216B-4AF0-BE99-5FF2803D6406.jpeg 51203648-292E-46BF-ACB1-6D0883629F14.jpeg
Joined Mar 9, 2013
yeah it doesn't match the blue on the upper lol, but I still like them. Only thing negative for me is that overly tumbled leather
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