Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

Best colorway?

  • Black/Red

    Votes: 1,023 44.1%
  • Royal

    Votes: 318 13.7%
  • Chicago

    Votes: 446 19.2%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 173 7.5%
  • Black Toe

    Votes: 232 10.0%
  • UNC

    Votes: 75 3.2%
  • Kentucky

    Votes: 19 0.8%
  • Neutral Grey

    Votes: 32 1.4%

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Feb 1, 2019
What's everyone's "most comfortable" pair of 1's? I only recently started buying 1's again but did have the '01 blk/red's and the trash patent 03's back in HS. The older retros definitely wore way different (I could feel every pebble in the 01's) than the current retros and my '14 all black's wear completely different than '22/23's. I also find that different time periods and different materials (suede vs leather, smooth leather vs tumbled, etc) plays a big role in how it wears as well.

From my limited collection, my most comfortable pair by far is the white/university blue's. I find tumbled leather to be more flexible than the stiff smooth leather and suede also contributes to the soft flexibleness of the shoe. Then it's the taxi's from '22, they just mold to my feet and are super comfy. Least comfortable is the true blue 1's from January. One of my favorite color ways released but the first few wears were super tight and constricting. They are breaking in nicely and doesn't feel constricting anymore but still not as comfy as my other pairs. I feel like the newer 1's definitely wear better than the older retros of the past, which is a good thing since I'm planning on buying a few more pairs coming out this year.

FLyknits are my most comfortable, but of the actual leather joints it's my Storm Blues. Also probably my most worn pair.
Dec 9, 2001

Figured this would be the most appropriate place for this. Lol

Apr 13, 2022
I primarily have aj1s that are 2020 or newer, so can't comment on the older pairs. but of the new batch, the stealths and the patinas are a joy to have on feet. brotherhoods and taxis also feel great
Sep 5, 2021
I unDSd the **** out of these things today.

Lunch at Espresso Roma…picked up a frozen pizza and a bottle of Italian red for this evening. Who knows what might happen around midnight, when the lights are off and the air is thick and sweet with the smell of cheap leather.

Talk about a neck breaker?

…panties were flying all over the place in broad daylight.

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Sep 22, 2014
Shocked someone mentioned Flyknits. 😳

Not everyone’s cup of tea of course but I think I’ve worn both my Bred & Royal pairs more than any other pair of 1s in my collection. So easy to just throw on & go.
The Flyknits were great except for the horrible cameltoe look in the front of the toebox. They really should have reinforced the toebox more to prevent that.
Dec 4, 2014
On non-85 pairs the laces are supposed to go through the tongue loop after the 6th hole. But on the 85 mold they're supposed to go through after the 7th hole.

Is that right? I just noticed the difference in some pics.
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