Official Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Thread

Apr 13, 2022
Managed to get mine via SNKRS UK - Just arrived and very comfortable vs other pairs due to materials! Pretty unique colourway. In terms of sizing these are a UK 7.5 Mens and fit like a UK 8 so you can go down 1/2 size if needed!


these arrived yesterday and I love'em. only issue is that the exposed foam is a damn magnet for pet hair
Aug 21, 2022
I'm just saying, this dude just joined NT, and was super happy to find a forum like this with other sneakerheads. And the first picture he uploads and y'all clowning on him for the pickup. Just a lame thing to do imo.

blackfrankwhite blackfrankwhite - Thanks for support bro - Appreciate it! Honestly wasn't offended but was a bit like :emoji_astonished: when the first comment was "Return it" lol!
All good though as I am new to the whole Sneaker Game and new to this forum - Didn't even know it existed but am looking forward to be part of the dialogue!


You like them, wear them, beat them to the ground.

NT still a great place and everyone has different opinions. Don’t let the next man’s opinion change yours.

Not for me though.

Thanks! Yeah I am enjoying it all so far but honestly no hard feels from my end to anyone and appreciate the support from all. Don't mind the direct opinions. Good to see what people think!

I am on pair 4 after 4 weeks of collecting - Got 3 AJ1 Lows and 1 SB Dunk High x Faust and to be honest am happy with them all!!!

Sneaker game is pretty dope!

Oh and I just got this to get my history in :

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