Official Air Max 97 Thread


Joined Jun 7, 2008
96s and 98s need to come back out. I'd take the 120s as well. 97s and 95s just dropped it seems like
Joined Aug 29, 2011
That engineered mesh looks :x...

Hoping to grab a pair of the 97s and Neons for ~$200 tops when they release.
Joined Nov 23, 2012
Are the 97’s coming in non EM and EM? I saw some pics for the EM ones and I think they look terrible. Wanting to know if they will still release the original non-EM ones. Big Thanks!!!
Joined Nov 2, 2012
Even though I just purchased the silver bullet hyperfuse 97s I WILL still cop these 97s just love OG colorways
Joined Feb 22, 2008
These release consistently, and every time they do, I fail to actually buy a pair. :smh:

I'm going to consider getting either these or the Neon AM 95s, depending on my money situation in January.
Joined Feb 24, 2009
View media item 158096Still waiting for the day Nike Retro's these...
My favorite, got one more DS pair in the closet, afraid to rock them though...:frown:
Daaamn dude u just brought it back...repped

That engineered mesh looks :x...
Hoping to grab a pair of the 97s and Neons for ~$200 tops when they release.
Whats the price on the 97s going to be? Im reading 95s are $155.
Ill one up you on that , Im going to bargain at mom n pop and try to get all 3 AM releases for around 300

putting in work

Joined Nov 10, 2007
Yeah I'm going to go and finally make and effort to get the OG Silver 97's but I'm not paying more than $110.

I already have Infrared, 2 still on ice, and a pair of those 95's.

After I move next year I'm selling everything and keeping only the Air Maxes and AJ1's... might rethink some other Jays but so far just those, and my Blue Foam Ones.

Just going to buy the newest air maxes from here on out and other gym/training sneakers or kicks that have a purpose.
Joined May 15, 2003
These hit outlets just a year or two ago. Started to get a pair, but didn't really like the quality.
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