Official Air Max 97 Thread


formerly vcof2005
Joined Dec 3, 2004
I wish someone who had or at least tried on both the EM and Hyperfuse versions tell us which is better. I want to buy one but i'll take the one thats just overall the best.
Joined Nov 2, 2012
@vcof2005 I own the hyperfuse silver bullet 97 fam and I prefer the hyperfuse of course. I wanted a pair close to the OG the EMs lack details IMO
Joined Nov 2, 2012
Btw can someone also let me know if the 97s are tts. I know for a fact that the hyperfuse are narrow cut and I went a .5 size bigger.
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I have the Hyperfuse 97s and I'm not a huge fan. I'm hoping to see some of the newly released 97s this weekend and decide if they are better. I like the EM 95s but want the colors from the non EM version.
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I ordered a pair of OG 97's from FNL but not sure what I'm getting. It looks like there's 2 different versions of the OG's out there?

The image on FNL
View media item 199522
The image from NDC
View media item 199523
I want the ones from NDC (not those EM looking ones from FNL). Could it be they uploaded the wrong image or am I really getting the EM looking ones?
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Unfortunately the ones on FBL are the Engineered Mesh ones. I checked the product #'s and the ones u wanted are the ones from NDC.
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Thanks. Sucks that FNL would label them Air Max 97 OG's and release them on the vintage pack date with the other OG's instead of on the Engineered Mesh release date (1/17) Hopefully, I'll get them in time to return them and order the correct ones.
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Picked up a pair from Nike town yesterday came home and realized the lace loops were uneven on the left foot..


Went back to NyNt today.. The lady at the register doing the exchange thought I was crazy lol and told her coworker to put them back in stock.

Pic of the bad pair below.

View media item 200006
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I had the OGs in my hand at the Kissimmee clearance 2 summers ago and I passed on them. They were $59.99 too. What a shameful day lol.
Joined Jan 25, 2010
Haha same thing happened to me.. I saw these and the white Jordan 6s at a nike outlet..I only bought the 6s trying to be fiscally responsible.. Had buyers regret ever since, so I had to buy one pair this go around of they hit outlets I'll pick up another pair
Joined May 12, 2010
I received my hyperfuse 97s this week and IMo I think I like the hyperfuse version more than the OG, the og ones kinda look bulky to me
Joined Apr 20, 2005
Yeah I'd say most Air Maxes (90, 95, 97) that used to run mad small have been true to size for the last 5-6 years.
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