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I just noticed the old school double knit jock tag on the Harper, is that flex base material or the old stuff?
The material feels the same but doesnt have the back flap or the side panels so the fit is looser but the material im pretty confident is the same. All the throwbacks in the team shop had the old tag
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majestic throwbacks always have double knit jock tags, the actual jersey materials vary jersey to jersey
The all maroon “Saturday Night Specials” in the shop we’re definitely a different material than the flex bases
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Technically, Brian Wilson never wore this style, due to getting injured in the second game, and losing the rest of 2012, but still decided to make it for rarity purposes, seeing as he would've worn it 20190821_224303.jpg 20190821_224238.jpg
He loves attention and I remember him being in full uniform during the playoffs and maybe even late in the season for the push. So chances are he did technically wear it but not as an active player
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Wanted to share my current MLB and NFL collection!

Titans jersey is a Jevon Kearse Puma authentic. Its a size 50 which is way too big on me bit it was $60 off of eBay years ago so I figured why not. Gonna look into getting it tailored down to a 42-44 if possible but the numbers are also wrinkled up so I might just sell it as is and look into one of the million team issued authentics ebay has.

Mets are a Michael Conforto Cool Base size 44 home pinstripes, Road Gray and Home alternate in both a size 40. Looking to eventually pick up either a road alternate blank or team issue with some obscure player for cheap. Might send the blanks for customization during the offseason but I dont' mind not having a name and number on them. Not really looking to pick up anything else as I only wear the baseball jerseys to Citi Field(20 game season ticket holder) so there's only so many you can have that wouldn't get used if I dont go to a bunch of games. IMG_3058.jpg IMG_3060.jpg IMG_3059.jpg IMG_3050.jpg IMG_3058.jpg IMG_3052.jpg IMG_3053.jpg


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