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Joined Feb 6, 2011
These are the sellers pictures but I just copped this.

Probably won't be seeing it for a bit because I'm having him send it to someone to get stripped and redone.


I'm always amazed when I see something this old that's basically in perfect condition.

People really be buying **** just to have it sit in a closet for 30 years, :lol:
Joined Mar 16, 2008
loved clay matthews for the lil time he played for us... nice pickup , i need to get one of those vapor jerseys

morning NT ... we did it.



finally got the color rush. And it was worn during that chiefs rams game. I missed out so many times due to bad timing (woulda went hard for the hekker) n some players i didnt care for too much to buy. i didnt know how many more jerseys from this game that they have left for sale, so i targeted hodges jersey when i saw it. He did in fact have one spectacular catch for an astonishing 3 yards that i vividly remember for some reason.... Either way i can check this jersey off. I would still like a captains patch someday. i think these jerseys are done with the latest uniform redesign which i will now be chasing (besides a woods or kupp jersey)

also came up on something cool recently... but that's gonna take a few months ..cant wait to share it
Joined Jul 27, 2012
Got these blasts from the past in today. The old reebok joints run a little long, but I’ll wear them with a hoodie underneath in the fall. As for the Nike Brunell. Those Jags jerseys have always been some of my all time favorite jerseys. The Mets jersey I wish was a 48, but since it isn’t, it’s on eBay and going posted on the jersey FB groups as trade bait. Now hopefully more vapor elite authentics restock on fanatics soon.

Joined Jan 6, 2017
I can't knock the hussle . As long as you know what your buying god bless
If you're implying it's fake, it's not. Retro Brand makes licensed NCAA jerseys. Lots of people sleep on them, but the quality is pretty good. Made in USA. Not all accurate since they use the same materials for everything. However, it's good for the money IMO
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