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I can still wear Rays stuff although I'm a Dodgers fan. I like being different because they're a small market team that doesn't have a large fan base. I know not many people have authentic Rays jerseys of Evan Longoria. I'm positive I'm the only dude in L.A. who'll wear Rays stuff. 😆

I'm forever pissed off I haven't been able to get a gray Rays jersey to complete my collection. I need a blank one either in Cool Base or Flex Base at a cheap price so I could send it to Exclusive Pro Sports to have it customized with Longoria. I see them in my size on eBay sporadically but the idiot sellers are asinine with their exorbitant prices. 😠🙄

Rays always had cool jerseys for a less popular team to me. I can't go wrong with Longoria since he's their greatest player in team history. I think he's their only iconic player because they haven't had many cornerstones who stayed long.

I saw Longoria in person in 2017 at Angel Stadium when Rays visited Angels. It was on a Friday, the first game back from the All-Star break. I got a hell of a deal too! I got in with a $7 ticket and ended up moving down to an empty front row seat behind the visitors dugout! I really got good pictures and I got on TV sporadically during that game! 😆😎

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Ebbets is doing 25% off wool baseball jerseys and hats. Think this is their best sale, I don’t think they dk 30% off anymore. They added some new NFL jerseys that are stupid nice. Their page also said they closed their retail shop.
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How does the Authentic NFL Reebok sizing work? I’m a 40 in both Nike and Mitchell and ness, am I s.o.l. or could I grab a 48 or 46?
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It seems like a bunch of us on here own a significant amount of authentic jerseys based on posts or photos conveying what we possess.

Has anyone actually worn every single piece in your possession?

I admit I haven't worn more than 50% of the pieces in my possession despite accumulating a lot over several years now. And it looks like the accumulation won't stop for me either because I assume I'll get more going forward.

I would say my reasons for not wearing more than 50% of my possession are the high amount I own and not having a boatload of appropriate places/occasions to wear them to. And another reason is that I don't have a specific rehashed Jordan shoe to correlate with a particular Jordan jersey I already have.
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I own about 10 jerseys and wear them all. To me, if its just gonna sit in a closet and not get worn then what's the point of buying it? Different if its game worn or autographed
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Good thing I got a Pirates alternate black jersey of Andrew McCutchen years ago. I think he's the only relevant player to have with a Pirates jersey since they don't have long continuity with star players on that team. And he's also a former NL MVP which helped my choice.
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