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Craziest thing.. for whatever reason, some of the currencies on my Coinbase"WatchList" aren't auto updating to reflect the current market value.. BNB has been stagnant @ $102 for a while now.. I finally clicked on it just to see what gives... BANG.! $300.! :wow:

I have about 15 coins that were all purchased at sub $12... :smile:
#feelsgoodman :pimp:

Can't believe I bought 20x more VEN and TRX than BNB back then.. :stoneface:
#feelsbadman :smh:
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Exchange tokens always crush during bullrun.

KCS still got a lot of room to grow. Lot of great tokens availble there too.

Yea I been looking to add an exchange token to my portfolio as well and settled on Mandala.
It was an Exchange token with a failed ICO from 2017 but now they have new leadership and have made a comeback with a soft launch recently.

Best of all, they are on Binance Cloud meaning they are partnered with and get to use Binance's order books so they essentially get the same liquidity as Binance.
I been on their Telegram and they say they plan to be available in the US as well later this year.

Some are speculating that it's basically Binance's way of having an exchange in the US but who knows.

FTX, OKB, Huobi and BNB all have exchange tokens with over a Billion dollar market cap and Mandala is sitting at around 45 Million at the moment.

DYOR but I picked up a small bag and may even add more.
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Someone asked about NFT's

Best guide I've seen.

Anyone have intel into the uniswap rumors? I am hearing Matic?
Some are saying xDai.
I think it's between them 2.

I need them to take their time so I can escape with my BSC gains first. :lol:

What is happening on BNB now is a precursor for DOT season.
I need to prepare my bags.


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I don’t fully understand this yet
I was listening to a podcast they were talking about the NFT trading cards too
I’m still confused about it

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