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Joined Apr 28, 2020
I ain't listening to anything a 71 year old boomer has to say about tech. Thats how some are still gonna miss out.

Also if your taking profit on AMP you already know how it is sometimes with those CB listings with a big dump.
Joined Dec 23, 2009
you really want to see AMP whales click on the explore box on the flexa network it will show all the top wallets staking AMP.
Theres enough in my life getting me down daily, definitely dont need to do that to my ego too.
Does it for me...
I still can't get over some of these bags 😭


Thanks :lol: BRB gonna go reevaluate my life and why I cant YOLO into altcoins.
Joined Apr 4, 2008
Can't even do anything but laugh. So much bread in ONE crypto. Imagine what those folks have in other stuff.
It’s most likely the twins. They were very early backers and have been supporting flexa every way, showcasing the potential by making flexa the default payment rails on Gemini pay.
Joined Jan 3, 2013
there's a few wallets listed on there with 100m tokens earned so all those peeps must have been in from the beginning beginning.

I cant even imagine how those portfolios look with the volatility, id imagine I'd die if I experienced swings like that.
Joined May 25, 2004
It’s close but I don’t think it’s crossed it yet.

if you got 100m amps the swings would be wild but I don’t think you’d really care at that point.
Joined Jan 6, 2015
CB pro had a higher price of ADA when they finally added it and it wasn't reflecting that price on any other app
Joined Apr 8, 2009
If you want an opportunity to get in early on a coin that I think has Amp like potential in its own unique use case, look at Everest’s ID token.

Blockchain secured digital identities and personal data protection with only a 50M market cap.

A successful project like this adapted by governments prevents the current California Unemployment and SBA EIDL/PPP fraud scandals. It has the potential to make consumer data protection laws unnecessary and redundant.

DYOR but I’m thinking of making a decent sized bet in this one.
Everest will slowly become my biggest bag. Future billion dollar coin going for cheap right now.
Trying to accumulate while I still can at this range

stuntman mike

Joined Aug 5, 2007
test swapped some ETH on uni for some everest just to figure out how to do that ****. next buy will be more ETH to swap for more ID.
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