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The $100 BTC bonus hit my account today! Thanks again
FYI, BlockFi is running another promo for first time signup, if anybody wants to stack some SATS we can both win.

Referral code/link:


  1. Have a friend sign up using your unique referral code by August 14, 2020.
  2. Ensure your friend deposits $500 or more into their BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) and maintains a balance of at least $500 through September 14, 2020.
  3. You will receive $50 in BTC as a bonus and your friend will receive $20 in BTC.


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What's good with the privacy concerns on these platforms like blockfi, nexo, etc?
I can only speak about blockfi..... Gemini is the custodian of their funds, so they are legit....aka winklevoss twins. Full compliant with regulation banking laws and insurance. Read the fine print, i believe they can insure up to 100k if funds somehow get drained.


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I’m using Merrill edge right now and it doesn’t allow me to buy bitcoin. Do other apps or brokerages like WeBull or TD allow the purchase of BTCUSD FX? Thx in advance
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Didn't want to say I told you so... But I had to come back just to let y'all know that I called the top last summer and said we had to come back to at least 5.8k before we go to 20k . Here we are a year later still not at 20k right where we are supposed to be... We might touch 20k by Thanksgiving depending on "Red October's" significance. But once we hit 20k, dont expect a moon until the end of 2022....

Don't expect to see anything higher than 150k-180k at the next top.... If we get to those prices and your still bag holding sell ....

"Chainlink" is the backbone btwn crypto and real world API's.

For instance you'll be able to take real time data and transfer it to the blockchain via chainlink bridging the gap btwn both worlds...

It will actually help in the short term but long term I see it being phased out... Kinda like fax machines...

Ethereum still has big money behind it and it ain't going nowhere...

xrp is the underdog , I always go for the underdog.... Hopefully Brad did all he could....
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