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Joined Nov 18, 2016
keep an eye on Darwinia Network and their tokens (ring and kton) .....they are all under the polkadot network which is creating and has a BUZZ in tech/blockchain space.
Joined May 9, 2004
Chainlink is upsetting me.

I distinctly remember telling myself i need to buy in around 3-4 dollars :lol:
Joined Apr 4, 2008
I slept on that one for a long time but noticed it’s fully integrated into Gemini’s app to pay with crypto at select retailers. Once they roll out SMB it’s a wrap.
Joined Jul 20, 2017
Never too late but i would suggest you dont dive in right now.

When the pump/hype is this strong a big correction is usually not too far away.
IDk about a “big” correction at this time in the market. Don’t bet on it. Link is a monster.
Joined May 9, 2004
You guys maybe right...

But i imagine we’ve all bought green candles in the past on the fomo tip thinking the markets about to bull run and consequently taken that L :lol:
Joined Nov 18, 2016
if you have $ to burn, grab some karma dao tokens and by having 20 KARMA (as of right now around 2k) in your connect your metamask with their telegram bot and you have access to Karma DAO private chat which has some pretty big players in there (yt vloggers, whales, and IEO devs). The creator of the private group is known amongst CT and he has projects come in all the time to "pitch" IEO or QA session via zoom. Great group.
Joined Aug 4, 2012
Bought a stack of OXT last Friday at 0.29 and a stack of SXP earlier that week for $2. Now we wait :evil::evil::pimp:

If you're unfamiliar check them both out. Great projects with low caps. I could see Swipe being huge.


Joined Apr 30, 2008
This Bitcoin ish is made interesting, I bought $50 of Bitcoin back in December, in March April during the pandemic it went down to about 34 bucks now it’s at $98 I need to learn more about this stuff
Joined Jul 18, 2012
We hafta stop pretending a paragraph of market research means anything at all in crypto Lol I was here in 2016 when NT had 37 pet projects. They all lost me money, every single one. VE chain,Monaco, etc etc
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