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Joined Sep 11, 2011
My one homie bought at around ETH $1200 last week. Sold this morning because he hit 10% loss. Like what :lol: if you’re scared about 10% loss in crypto, this ain’t for you
mans gotta suck it up. crypto aint for the faint of heart
have seen my port get smoked by 40% and then bounce back and even get 15% profit in the same day :lol:

Hijo Del Promo

Formerly 'I hear TNA is hiring'
Joined Sep 10, 2002
Idk why people do unecessary stuff like that.

Just because you saw a insecure billionaire or supervillain do it in a comic or a movie, doesn't mean you have to too.

An, "account were after 10 guesses it locks forever."


I'm so secure.
It's so secrue.
Against anything
Against me.
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