Official Dedication 5 Thread... Now Available for download


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Smashing all they moms, tgey call me a mother ******....??? Yal really think chuckee killed that tho? That ***** sound exactly like he trynna sound exactly like wayne. Called him pops, tune jr, I hope he don't kiss that man. S/o to the weeknd tho I liked that track the most
Joined Dec 22, 2005
The better of Wayne tapes out of his recent material. Not like that means much tho. Listenable if anything
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"I"ma milk all of 'em cause they f_____ cow-ards" :rofl:

I haven't listened to Wayne seriously in a long time. If you want lyrics, this isn't the tape. But beat selection is good, flows are good...I'll mess with it.
Joined Jun 1, 2008
Exactly what I want and expect from Wayne, entertaining raps over the hottest beats with great flows. Wayne obviously ain't going back to C2, D2 type ****, he's at where he's at. The man has spit more raps than any other artist since 04 and he can still skate on any beat.

Dreads hanging out the ski mask
Run up in your house, couch potato getting mashed
Run up in the kitchen, get the stash out the oven
Wonder how we know? Stop talking while you cuddling

:pimp: :pimp: :pimp:
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Yes just what I needed 29 new tracks from Wayne n from what I've been told they are slapping too..can't wait to dl this after work
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"use my phone in jail, that's a cell phone."

lonely island ghost wrote half of this tape.
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This tape is hot. Most of y'all jus' luh' to hate.

But that women chilling with him and his homies, call it "Night School" line was so bootycheeks. Corny to the maximum.

Welp dipsetgeneral said its hot, y'all know we heading into a wack tape. I'll give it a DL a listen when I get off work, I'm always hoping weezy gets it back and I see flashes of it on certain songs then he throws a dumb line out and ruins it smh....

[COLOR=#red]bang bang.[/COLOR]

Welp now I know exactly what to expect...That saved me a hour outta my life.

Not eem gon download.

Damn dipset y couldn't u have liked before I wasted my time.
:lol: Y'all wrong as hell for that. :lol:

#D5 slaps on the real. And Tune ain't let off (pause) on D4!? What y'all be listening to? Srs question.


formerly droski
Joined Aug 11, 2012
I Like it... The beat selection is on point..I'ma ride to this for a couple of weeks...
Joined Feb 18, 2010
that first T.I. feature is dope, same with the Intro but this is the same music he's been making.
Joined Dec 6, 2006
Just heard the stream, not bad.. but im not going to download it to my ipod. Running out of space and this mixtape isn't worth the GB. I liked sorry for the wait, but for some reason this mixtape lacks something.
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Joined Jul 19, 2012
I was surprised with "You Song"....Chance is on to great things 

"Started" > Drake's single. 

But at the end of the day...this guy ran his course. 
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