Who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne?

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big j 33

May 31, 2006
The penultimate episodes have been the shocking and exciting ones (Ned dying, Blackwater, Red Wedding) and the finale is the aftermath and sets up the next season.
If ppl don't know this by now they're not paying attention or they had the luxury of watching the first two seasons on their own time, most likely binging so they did not recognize the format of the show.

Thanks for quoting because I would have just repeated myself :lol:

Second to last episode of season 1, Ned killed. Season 2, Blackwater. Season 3, Red Wedding... it's not uncommon to have the finale be a conclusion and wrap up the aftermath of something huge the episode before. Not just for this show, but for a lot of shows.

To be fair, the finales of season 1 and 2 had the dragons being born and the army of white walkers... but finding out the War of the Five Kings was nothing in comparison to what's to come... that's a big deal to me.

Weak finale?

1. Arya killed a man for the first time. And it was a Frey.

2. Sam met Bran at the wall.

3. Daeny freed Yunkai.

4. Stanis changed his plans and is marching north.

5. Jon returned to Castle Black.

6. Theon became Reek and his sister is coming to save him.

7. Tywin laying down the law.

8. Robbwind

And remember folks, this is the first half of a book. Still lots to come.

This too. I understand people saying it's a let down, but nothing would top the Red Wedding, so why expect it to?
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Jul 31, 2007
:rofl: @ "their long lost cousin that built the Iron throne, Tony Stark." in the vid on the last pg.
Who/what is robbwind?

have you seen the latest episode?

if yes:

they sewed grey wind's head onto robb's headless body.
No need for spoilers anymore now


That is one of the most messed up things i have seen so far on this show

I really loved those direwolfs
Same thing I thought, I saw that pic when it was posted a few days and wasn't paying attention, just thinking it was a cool/weird pic not thinking of anything in the books or thinking it was an outright spoiler of this ep despite it being in a spoiler tag and when I seen it I just felt this dread come over me :x Like there's been a lot of ****** up **** so far but this is foul and didn't give a **** about Robb. Always thought he was a ***** but damn.

I remember the whole cut off their heads and stick it to their ***** from Vikings but seeing this was just all types of bad
This gif makes a whole lot more sense now too :lol: To think it was a spoiler all this time. Thought it had more to do with that dog eating peanut-butter with human hands vid.
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big j 33

May 31, 2006
That entire small council meeting was outstanding. Tyrion to Joffrey "Killed a few puppies today?" :lol: Joffrey wanting to serve Sansa her brother's head :wow:

"Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king" :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

Sam having heard about Hodor :lol:

Varys trying to get Shae to leave for the good of the realm :pimp: All I know is I don't like her so whatever gets her gone

Poor Sansa :smh:

Arya killing her first man :wow: and The Hound saying "Next time you do that, tell me first" :lol:
Apr 25, 2005
Cheesy ending. The part w/ Roose and Walder talking should have segued into dumping Cat into the river. The ending should have been the BwB finding Cat. The last scene should have been a close up shot of LS as she opened her eyes and then an immediate cut to black :pimp:

Instead we got crowd surfing. Cmon son.

Seeing Robb like that makes me so uncomfortable. It really is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read about (or seen, for that matter). Its like, this dude was the King in the North man |I

And the part when the Frey soldier was talking about sewing Grey Wind's head on :x The disrespect :smh:

Bran's story about the rat cook was great. Shed even more light on (or rather, make it as plain as day) how evil the Freys are.

Arya going ham :pimp:

Theon's ... sausage scene :x

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Sep 9, 2006
I'm a little confused, did that note davos give stannis say the white walkers were coming?
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Nov 23, 2012
This episode just furthered all the storylines which I expected. Based on the previous seasons all the good stuff happens in episode 9. Good episode nonetheless.

That Tywin line was alright, but the line of the ep. has to go to
Dec 18, 2008
Robb and the wolf... :x :x :smh:

Decent finale, of course they weren't going to top last weeks episode I was just hoping for a little more. I really did not like how they ended it with Danaerys, I'm so tired of seeing her freeing slaves :rolleyes
Nov 27, 2012
Decent finale, of course they weren't going to top last weeks episode I was just hoping for a little more. I really did not like how they ended it with Danaerys, I'm so tired of seeing her freeing slaves
I kind of agree, but I'm just assuming it's just part of something greater.  But I know they could have ended it better.
Apr 1, 2011
"Where do W***** go"-Tyrion Lannister next season :pimp:

Oh and Ramsey Bolton is a great damn character...just perfect

Stannis is a **** for what he did to Robb...let me just shut up..this idiot made everything hard for himself
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