Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

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They messed up in a major way signing these long term deals for big bucks with djs.

Millennials and Gen Z are spending their money on music festivals over a weekend in Vegas.

KAOS had their first profitable night YET just two weeks ago.
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dilemma here. Bday weekend this week. got 2 choices

The Cromwell (perfect strip location, Drais in the same building)

The Luxor (King suite has jacuzzi in the room, strip view)
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Man..Cromwell makes a lot of sense. You wouldn't even have to go to the club. Could just parking lot pimp in the lobby and pull something straight up to your room :lol:
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Depends on what you’re going for.

If you’re going with company, say your girl or something, the Luxor would be a good spot. I’d imagine the uber rides would be pretty cheap and it’s still close to everything.

If you’re going to do hood rat things with your friends, the Cromwell would be a good bet since you’re in the thick of it all. Much easier to convince a group of girls at Drai’s to keep the party going in the hotel where the club is housed at as opposed to having to catch a 10 minute uber.
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Hakkasan's lineup looked incredibly weak the last 2 trips I took out there.

Is KAOS a good place for rap, comparable to Drai's?
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Hakkasan's lineup looked incredibly weak the last 2 trips I took out there.

Is KAOS a good place for rap, comparable to Drai's?
It was like 70/30 edm/rap with Marshmello there, I had only been in once but I would say no - no comparable to drais. Im sure the vibe switches up when Travis or Cardi slide thru. Spot is huge though and the place was od packed with da yambs.

I'm def looking to hit up a spot I haven't been to yet on my next trip out
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I see I see. I go out there and tell myself I want to see what other spots are looking like, but one of two things always happens. Either a) I look up the line up to _____ club and try to go despite me not being completely sold on the act (in which case I get upset with myself for not going to Drai's :lol:), or b) I just end up going to Drai's because it's a sure thing.

Problem with Drai's is that they know they're the go to spot for rap, so they tax like crazy. Was out there for MDW and Lil Baby was the headliner for our last night out. General Admission was like $200 online. Heard one person saying they were legit charging cats $400 GA as the night went along if you didn't purchase a ticket online. That's damn near bottle service prices. Definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Passed on Drai's that night and went to Marquee I think.
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Going Labor Day weekend for a bachelor party has anyone been before ? What should I expect ? Going to encore beach, Kaos and xs
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