OFFICIAL Hypebeasts Thread

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Lots of people wear questionable outfits in my old eyes.
Everyone has done it too.

You're always going to find young people ridiculous because they will do anything not to be you.

The beast lies within a persons consumption habits, their motives and the level of desperation that comes about.

Anyone getting an app or entering a raffle for the "honor" of giving nike jb hundreds of dollars, has to be considered every bit of a beast, as some kid thats head to toe decked out in yeezy szn 2.

Yep og collectors are just original beasts that bought the kool aid of the time.
Whether you learned it off instagram or from watching "in living color" its all the same.

When I make fun of how someone is dressed, im actually making fun of their ability to deal with the bombardment of advertising they've lived through
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A fit can only be wack in someones opinion, so you could never be factually wrong for wearing an outfit that you feel is dope. 
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People are straight ripping off Kanye's style. How can they call themselves stylish !! No originality whatsoever = hypebeast
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First time I stumbled on this thread and there actually is a HB one.  This made me day. I'm in tears from laughing so hard.
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