Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP

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Somehow I went from getting M&N site ad to this in here
gucci gucci
Just found out the Dream Team authentics are screen printed. Sick to stomach that I dropped $240 for a screen print. I didn't even pay attention because I never dreamed a $300 retail jersey would be screen print. Now I have to go through their awful return process. I currently have an item that was returned 20+ days ago and I still haven't gotten my money. (Yes I know the original Dream Team jerseys were screen print, I don't care, if its $300 make that thing stitched)
the Reggie White authentic I copped was screen printed. Sent that joint back to them today lol. I was hot
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Any college b ball fans here ? I believe 19nine is the closest things to authentic college shorts .
Never heard of this company but just checked them out. Some looks close to originals but the waistbands are a dead giveaway.

Wish they still made heavyweight mesh shorts.
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Your collection looks very similar to mine. I have part of my stash at the house which I’ll post up tomorrow when my latest M&N order arrives. Still gutted my Michigan (home and away) were stolen at basketball camp in the 90’s.
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