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Joined Aug 10, 2012
I got this earlier this summer as a replacement for both white and royal Nuggets Alex English jerseys I purged a few months ago because I stupidly got them too big back in 2003.

Both of the English jerseys I had were 1987-88 and the mountains were sewn on. The buildings and mountains were bigger. The rainbow on those were a fabric sewn on. And there was a nameplate on the back.

But this Mutombo is 1991-92 and the entire design on the front is sublimated and the mountains and buildings are smaller. Too bad Nuggets transitioned to be lazy and cheap with the front design during that period. And there is no nameplate on the back on this version.
Joined Aug 10, 2003
try intermittent fasting where you only eat 2 meals a days and only eat for 8 hours...for cardio try the bike machine at the gym or the rowing machine... both will work up a good sweat without too much pressure on your knees and feet
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Does M&N no longer produce those heavy wool MLB Dugout varsity jackets?
Why you say that? They were on the website weeks ago. Did they take them down?

eyanks eyanks you’re posting some Yankees jerseys I forgot existed. Haven’t seen some of them in 8+ years. I wanted that one with the band but I can’t buy a jersey without a number on the back unless it’s dirt cheap.
Joined Feb 26, 2020
Last week I saw them, maybe they got cleaned out because summer is almost over.

I can’t believe I don’t see more wool jackets in here, M&N wool jackets are crazy nice.
this is good to know. Thanks. I guess they’ll probably pop back up closer to fall. And I agree as I love them. Had a few several years ago but I think it’s time for me to re-up
Joined Dec 30, 2006
Pretty good deal on these and you can use the code on them

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