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Isn’t me or this game hard as hell

I don’t play often or traditional like you’re supposed to. Can’t even make open shots

using the shoot button not shot tick
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thats embarrassing

but yes he deff got a PG created on 2K and does exact same no doubt in my mind


formerly toine2983
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Really love Live 10's atmosphere.

You could actually differentiate between a regular season, playoff and Finals game because of it.

In the 10+ years since 2K has not come anymore near replicating with Live 10 did in terms of that.

Like Jemele said all the care about is BarbieMode and nickeling and diming players outta their money with all the microtransactions.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Yea NT is partly at fault for that.

For years all yall cared about were arm sleeves, shapeups, and headbands.

Yall cried when I said yall spent WAY too much focus on that cosmetic nonsense.

Now here we are....
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My brother hung 97 with Shai Gilgeous Alexender against my cousin in an exhibition game with only 2 made 3s :lol: My cousins been playing 2k forever. This is where the game is at.
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