Official NBA Swingman Jersey Thread! Show your collections, legit checks are welcome!

Joined Jun 7, 2017
NBA Store EU got the classic edition swingman jerseys for pre-order. Today was a special sale, so I ordered the Hornets one with my name on it. They also have the L.A. powder blue throwback that some people love here. :smile:
I hope it's not as bad as the last Adidas swingman jerseys...
Joined Oct 15, 2012
anybody wearing Youth XL in here?
I was wondering whether the Nike sizing for Youth XL is same or not with the Adidas


Joined Dec 13, 2013
Can someone legit check this for me? I can get more pictures this evening. Was a little worried about the cut.
s-l1600 (1).jpg s-l1600 (3).jpg s-l1600 (4).jpg s-l1600 (6).jpg s-l1600 (7).jpg
Joined Jan 10, 2014
Curious question tich tich but why did you get one jersey in a 40 and another in a 44? Is there a difference between the classic jerseys & the statement ones?
Joined Jun 7, 2017
Not at all ! To begin with, the statement Hornets jersey on the picture is not a swingman, it's an authentic. I bought it in size 44 because size 40 wasn't offered as an option on NBA Store EU. For the swingman, I bought a size Small, which is 40. The swingman 40 is smaller than the authentic 44, which is perfectly normal. :smile:
Joined Apr 20, 2014
Does anyone know if the Lakers City edition swingman have the Kobe signature on the bottom?

I know in the pictures it doesn't but I remember someone posting a Lakers swingman city jersey here that had the sig if anyone can confirm
Joined Sep 11, 2015
The Lebron jersey is legit. I have the same one in my collection and it's much nicer in terms of quality and shape than the typical Swingman version (the normal Adidas Swingmans come with heat-pressed numbers and letters). This jersey is the rarer EU/Asia version with high quality screen printed names and numbers (the white on the numbers has rubber-like texture).
Joined May 2, 2010
do authentics fit better in terms of shoulder width? My swingman fitting like a wife beater on my broad *** shoulders
Joined May 15, 2013
Can anyone help me with the sizing on the M&N swingmans? I'm a medium in the adidas hardwood classic swingman, and generally a M/44, but had to size up to a 48 in the new nike authentics because they are so skin tight.

Trying to decide if I'm a M or L in M&N swingman...thinking M but if they run tight then I might need a L
Joined Jun 7, 2017
NBA Store EU sells Lakers Lebron swingman jersey with number 23, I guess that will be his number at LA.
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