Official New Balance Thread *sizing info for different models on first page*

Apr 29, 2019
Jan 20, 2014
Good thing I didn't go camping for those Palace joints just knew they ain't have no hype , copped the purps. Pattas are on my radar tho.
Feb 14, 2013
I received my 11.5 yesterday and my 12 should be arriving today, it took really long though!
I didn’t hit for a size 14, but they have finally hit the secondary market, so I purchased a pair on Wednesday around 2AM. It was odd because I received 2 emails around 2PM Wednesday stating “shipped to authenticator” and “received by authenticator.” This makes me think that most of the raffle pairs in the larger sizes went to people internally at stockx/goat/flightclub, hence the quickness of the shoes being “shipped” & “received” on their end, even if they aren’t “in stock” yet. A few hours later in the evening I received an email from UPS mychoice with a tracking number, and a scheduled delivery of Thursday (yesterday). Unfortunately the UPS tracking info has yet to update, which proves that they don't have them on hand and are waiting just like most of the people on this forum.
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Dec 3, 2006
Refined future pack up for raffle on extrabutter…. I’m having issues entering payment info.
Apr 16, 2019
the more I think about it, the lazier the JFG upcoming drop seems. when a small company like "up there" can drop New Balance AND Ascis designs that are FIRE! They have a couple that are great. But the Green 2002r and the pink Ascis shoe they did recently are fantastic. Makes JFG designs look basic imo.

The NB " UP THERE" pair

The Asics "up there" pair
This might be a hot take, but the Up There 2002r's are JJJJOUND levels over rated imo. None of them are bad as the models are dope. They just aren't what others make them out to be IMO. If I wanted skunk dunks, I'd get skunk dunks. Not 2002rs. That's what I see when I see those. Again, they look dope but, if I'm choosing between them and the JFG 993s, I'm going for the 993s. The issue (issue might be a poor choice of word) I have with alot of NB collabs is that they look like GRs and not collabs. Which speaks more to the quality and execution of New Balance than speaking against the collaborator or their product execution. At least with these 993s we've never seen any 993 in this shade. They definitely stand out and knowing JFG we will get dope packaging as well. So when/if I have to go secondary market I don't feel like I'm getting fleeced for what is basically a GR.. Maybe if NB collabs we're easier to get I might feel differently. But their site is harder to crack than SNKRS. I've never gotten anything on NB that otherwise wasn't available on the site all day or wasn't available on other sites. If it's a sell out I've never gotten the Dub. At least on sneakers I'll hit on that kind of shoe at least 1 time a year if not more. I guess I'm just ranting now 😂
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