Official New Balance Thread

Joined Dec 21, 2015
EE has prepped me for these Shopify questions to add to cart. But gotta love hitting complete order for Shopify to crush your soul and place you back in queue. Glad people got through though.
Joined May 27, 2020
I'll probably throw out a low ball bid(compared to current market price anyway) and see if anyone tries to panic sell them before the Aug 7th drops but I highly doubt that will happen.
Joined May 27, 2020
Let me welcome you to the pain of being a size 8.
And if I were to drop over 1k for an NB it would be the WTAPS way over these in my opinion.
Obvious bias on my end cause I was willing to drop that much lol but yeah the use of the 3M all the neutral tones etc is just so well done paired with the exclusivity of the drop is the only shoe I could justify forking over that much for. I think in terms of style the Urban Grey colorway is a better shoe than the green although the green will probably have more hype. Neither I would drop a rack on though. When NB1 comes back forever from now I'll just make some simple grey with brown accent and some all green 992's and use my imagination.

Edit: not sure if that's brown or dingy dirty green either way, ya get the picture
Joined Oct 10, 2019
I just checked my Credit Card online & I have a pending debit & credit for JJJJound $405.43 CAD. Such a stupid price to be salty about not being able to pay but man I'm cheesed. I am however super glad people in here actually managed to score, after last week I was trying to explain to my GF how crazy it was not one person posted a W in here and she just didn't get it :lol:

To bring a little light to this thread today I laid out all my warehouse NB t's & shorts after getting home from the cottage & doing laundry, a lot more than I thought I had but for $10 a pop not bad:
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