OFFICIAL NIKE A I R M A X ZER0 THREAD ** The One Before The 1 **

Oct 19, 2013
I got a custom pair for free. Will post whole story when I'm home
custom pair for free you say...
Oct 4, 2012
How's the fit and material on the shoe?
Regular width TTS here and big toe has half inch room. Hugs the foot from the ball of feet to back of the ankle.  Material is quality, the mesh on the toe box will never crease is what it looks like.  Underneath the toe cap and the rear of the sole has a dark gray translucent color which is a nice touch.  A must cop!
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Oct 13, 2014
He was.

I'm still shocked at everything that happened I can't believe I for to talk with tinker and thank him for the air jordan 3. And this box I got is super dope. I'm at a loss man.
Damn that must have been amazing!
Apr 2, 2009
I just want to start off by saying this is in no way a brag, I just want to tell the story because I'm still speechless right now. I literally can't believe how everything happened. I don't know how you guys feel but I have an immense amount of respect for tinker. To me he IS the shoe game. He's the reason why were even here talking about shoes; it's his designs.

Anyways. So I had signed up for the saturday event like most of you, and was already stoked to buy the shoes. The very next day @NikeLA Dms me with this: View media item 1462067 I was like well that's kinda weird and cool, yo sign me up ! I have been to nike events before so I'm expecting it to be at some big warehouse, music, lots of people etc. I get there and I immediately realize something is different. There's way too much security, and it's crazy strict. I look at the list and it's literally like 20 names. I'm sitting here like.... What the hell. How did I get invited.

They give me my pass and I'm chillin in V.I.P sippin champagne eating lamb roast and shrimp horderves. At this point I'm wondering what's going on and I notice one of the women working the event has a crazy booty. View media item 1463910 So I go chat with her and she's super nice. I don't have any idea who people are until mayor (NYC air max collector) shows up and Jason markk,,, all these people are V.I.P . Then I see some bloggers... I'm still wondering... How the hell did I get this invite.

After about an hour I'm already drunk off drinking 6 glasses of champagne on an empty stomach , when they finally lead us into the air max box. And who is just chilling inside? Tinker Hatfield.

He goes into his story about how nike has an archive with all of his old work, and how back in the day he had all these ideas but realisticly nike couldn't do them, because of either technology setbacks or the materials just weren't as good as they are now. He tells us the whole story then takes questions.
I'm standing in this room with maybe 15 other people listening to every single word. I just couldn't believe this guy is standing 7 feet away from me telling me this story. [ill post videos later tonight if anyone is interested]
After we go outside they hand us our shoes. They came with a bunch of extra stuff (pics below)
I had to snap a picture with tinker. He is honestly one of the coolest most down to earth humble people I've ever met. He has every reason to be arrogant but we sat there and talked and had a whole conversation. I sat there and talked To the man that changed the entire footwear industry. Bruh.
View media item 1463912

Even as I type this I can't comprehend how in the hell I got this opportunity. I don't know who at nike pulled my name out of the hat, but thank you so much for that. this day gave me the chills , like the old days when I would be hunting down shoes I wanted and finally got them..

Anyways here's the pictures of the special box set I got from Nike today:

View media item 1463915View media item 1463916View media item 1463917View media item 1463918View media item 1463920View media item 1463921View media item 1463922View media item 1463923View media item 1463924View media item 1463925
Paid this sirs, was the best air max day ever

View media item 1463926
Nike Dms me inviting me to event.
Drink champagne and mingle with nike corporate people
Go into air max box and tinker is there
Gives us story behind shoe
Takes pictures and signs shoes
I get a special edition air max zero box
I can't believe this happened.
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May 22, 2010
What is the going rate?

I've seen anywhere from $250- to an unbelievable $400. That's if you can find your size. They were hovering around $200 just yesterday. Damn shame what hype marketing and limited supply does to a release that in normal circumstances wouldn't be this special. Release this as a regular air max with no hype marketing and next to no one would take a second look let alone copp these. Times like these are when I really hate resellers though. They make it so worse. I know they are sadly a part of the market but to me they are like blood thirsty mosquitos. Like pest.
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