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Good lord Nike needs to can whomever is running Nike Tennis. Chain link fence apparel???
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My current Rafa hat collection. 1 cap - [ 398224-110 ] White/Black/(Total orange) from the HO11 collection - is missing from the picture as it is still waiting for shipment from a US storage unit.

I am really jealous. I wish I would have partially done the same.

I really don't know why Nike stopped selling the featherlight hat which is miles better than the current one. Even Rafa is still using the old one.

Anyway, if you are willing to sell one of your featherlight hat, let me know!
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Is that every Rafa cap ever released?
No :smile:

By my count, at least 24 which were available through retail channels are still missing.

Additionally, there are at least 15 Featherlight-type hats Rafa usually wears during tournaments which us mortals don't get to buy (the divergence started with US Open 2016). Over the years, I have managed to snatch 8 of those from the big auction site but they are extremely hard to come by |l (which is a pity since they are usually better color-coordinated with his outfits than the retail ones).
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