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Joined Sep 6, 2012
Do Ross still sell cheap colognes?

I haven't been there in years..

My only problem with them is not knowing what they will smell like.

Its like a gamble,its cheap though but ehhh could be put to other smells
Joined Dec 29, 2008
Thanks fam. I actually didn't pay this joint. I bought a gucci polo style shirt and my man Joe at Neiman Marcus just gave me this joint.. I actually like it, but it doesn't last as long as the Creed or Bond
Yeah that's a good scent to have although I'd give Hermes D'Orange Verte an edge to Acqua Di Parma
Joined Jul 7, 2005
I got YSL L'Homme for Christmas and I'm loving it.  It has a great scent and for me it lasts the day.
Joined Aug 27, 2004
YSL - L'Homme (office/day)

YSL - La'Nuit (evening)

Givenchy - Play Intense (wildcard)

Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb (club/date)

Calvin Klein - One Summer (summer days)

I highly suggest for anyone interested in purchasing or researching a scent.
Joined May 27, 2004
Black XS and Curve Crush are my go to.

I like Cool Water for when I'm just out the shower and gonna chill at the crib
Joined Jul 22, 2012
By the way, If anyone is looking for samples of A*Men Pure Malt, i have a few up on my eBay (id:scpmp803 Item number:110999051655).  Official samples of Pure Malt are very rare so act fast if youre looking to try it out.  This is definitely a fragrance you MUST try.
First batch of samples sold out.  Relisted some more, so get em while they're available because these are my last ones!! (id:scpmp803 Item no: 111001453207)
Joined Sep 23, 2008
Only 2 I have in rotation right now are F by Ferragamo and Spice Bomb by Viktor & Rolf.
I like the way the Spice Bomb smells but my chick likes the Ferragamo :\

It's funny though, the cologne that I've gotten the most compliments on was some regular old Curve.


Joined Sep 1, 2011
my rotation right now is bleu de chanel, need to get myself that acqui de parma soon though :smokin
Joined Jul 20, 2012
^^ Which acqua de parma?? I tried one, can't remember the name in the blue bottle I think, but it smelled like an amazing summer frag.. Also tried diptyque- philosykos and Chergui- Serge Lutens.. There is hype on both, not really impressed with neither.. Chergui smells quite good, but it lacks versatility.

1 million- for the club, Pure Malt- night out, bars, restaurants, with friends

DG- The One signature scent for the time being work, errands, close quarters. Dior Homme Intense- night out, date, between the sheets scent.. It's literally sex in a bottle and it last over 15hrs on my skin.

gift boxes are where it's at, both were 30% off.


Joined Jul 24, 2012
I got 8 of em as of now some about to finish

A few CK, polo black and my new fav acqua di gio
Joined Apr 22, 2012
Anybody have this and care to give their opinion on it ? was thinking about scooping this up... seen it for $46 and some change
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Joined Aug 1, 2004
shouldn't you have a round up of da best from da 2011 thread before this thread gets any bigger?
Joined Dec 29, 2006
Anybody have this and care to give their opinion on it ? was thinking about scooping this up... seen it for $46 and some change
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Too chocolaty and sweet for me, but a lot of guys really like it. You should go to Macy's and test it first. It's definitely a love or hate kind of cologne, IMO. If you like Givenchy Play Intense, you'll probably like this one.
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