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GTA 809

Joined Mar 6, 2004
Great scent. Creamy smooth vetiver and tonka. A touch of citrus in the opening to give it some contrast and keep it interesting, but not so much that it takes away from the sweet base.
Joined May 4, 2013
Has anyone smelled D&G Light Blue Love is Love, and if so, how was it? Our mall is only open for like 6 hours these days and I haven’t been able to make it.
Joined Jun 27, 2007
Just picked up Dubai Indigo. My 2nd Bond No 9. The 2nd most expensive frag pick-up behind aventus.
Joined Nov 7, 2003
what does Bal D'Afrique (Bald Freak lol ) smell like?

can anybody give me a comparative smell?
As far as other frags, similar to hermes vetiver tonka and bears similarities to profumum roma audace, which is a lot darker and has some licorice thing goin on with it. As far as designer common type stuff, nothing really similar ive come across
Joined Nov 7, 2003
Still have more left if anyone wants of these 2. Herod is perfect for the colder months and sedley has actually been my favorite of the 5 things i picked up recently and is better for spring and summer. Parfums de marly, the more stuff i try over the years is becoming one of my fav houses. Performance on everything is great, and the stuff is high quality but still mass appealing.

Parfums de marly herod $21 per 10ml
Parfums de marly sedley $22 per 10ml
Joined Jan 5, 2011
I need a fresh bottle of http. Bought a bottle from fragrancenet, rancid. They sent me a replacement..rancid. Finally just got my refund.

So I need a spot for a fresh bottle. Maybe I'll just cop from the bond site? Any places cheaper?

Since we're on the subject....any other flavors similar to the le male, aventus, and http? With sweeter notes. Vanilla's..pineapple.. lavender.....that hit on that same classic tip.
Joined Jan 5, 2011
So glad I thought to come in here tonight. Just scooped the http from their site and 3 dope *** samples for 105 shipped. Even cheaper than it was from fragrancenet. And I'm feeling it'll actually be wearable when it arrives.

Good looks on the post homie.
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