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So I only check in on this thread once in a while because it’s just depressing, but for real they trying to impeach Biden before he starts? Imagine getting fired from a job that you ain’t even started yet. Only people I ever seen get that are ones who fail drug tests!

At this point the entire government is like me at work browsing the web just trying to find anything to do besides actual work I’m paid to do.


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So all they had to do was take his twitter account years ago to get him to act like a F'n human being?
He's so scared to lose that account again he's not even making any of those stupid asss hand gestures
That’s got to have taken them all afternoon too. “That’s great Mr President, but this time can you do it without the white power gestures?” “Nearly there - we just don’t need the suggestion that Obama did the same thing.” “No, it doesn’t matter that you built a big beautiful wall.”
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Vids from Parler that were downloaded from the hacker:
All of these mofo’s would be quick work, they can barely walk with balance! You mean to tell me that the security force in the capitol isn’t really trained like Mike Bannon?!
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