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Joe Manchin is not a comrade nor is he an ally of the left. He’s not blocking Tanden because of all the **** she’s thrown at Bernie and his supporters, he’s punishing her for her correctly pointing out how bad Republicans are, including and especially the so called “moderate” Republicans like Susan Collins.

As far as a red-brown alliance is concerned, it’s a stupid concept and a terrible deal for the red side. The fascists would give the left a few anti poverty programs, which the fascists want anyway, and the left would have to abandon migrant, LGBT, non American, non white workers, disabled workers etc. The proto fascists only seem economically left when compared to mainstream conservatives over the last few decades. Just because they eschew the Milton Friedman style libertarian death culture, that has defined mainstream conservative economic orthodoxy, doesn’t make this new right populism a worker-friendly movement.

Putting aside the fact that right populism excludes the vast majority of workers, it would leave most cishet, native born, able bodied white men behind or dead as well because the whole point of fascism is to preserve capitalism and its brutal hierarchies in the face of the extraordinary crises of capitalism and subsume class conflict under the shared mission of suicidal wars and “purges” of “undesirables” whom the fascists scapegoated for these crises of capitalism that gave rise to the fascist movement in the first place.


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Just googled what "cishet" means.

Had no idea LGBTQ+ folks had their own dictionary.

Thought it was a typo.

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