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But the financing

Every couple of years we get a new story, here in California, about how there’s gangs within the LAPD and LA County Sheriff’s department. Not gangs in the sense that law enforcement is effectively a street gang for capital, it is, but an actual gang whose turf and membership is subsections of the larger law enforcement apparatus.

Every time the story breaks, there is less and less shock and outrage among Angelinos whose opinions can shape policy. It’s just a reality that despite, or rather because of, the fact that LA city and county law enforcement literally have violent street gangs within its very bureaucratic structure, LA has never been more unequal and a once largely working class city is becoming a playground for the rich.

And the institutionalized terrorism against migrants, POC, and unhoused people faces no serious opposition and all of the people who could stop it, benefit from it. The system is t broken, it’s working as intended.
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