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Does anybody know why these numbers are so different than what the NYT says? They only show one state over 70% at the moment.

Feds are only considering 18+, states include 16+, which sucks because minors with anti-vax parents are going to torpedo the numbers. At least, that's how it is in Washington. Governors are using it as a reason to still keep things shut down to some degree. So much for Washington's June 30th full re-open.


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Hunter Biden is trash. It was also funny seeing the right wing racist get upset for someone else being racist

This man is a literal Nazi
Beyond the obvious hypocrisy, there’s something else. People like Gorka believe that the world is exactly as the right describes it: blacks people are poor because they’re lazy, brown and Latino immigrants are indeed coming to kill you and take you, climate change is a hoax, hierarchy is objectively good and necessary, etc.

For someone like Gorka, reason why anyone could be anything other than conservative or reactionary, I’d be wise they are either hypnotized by “cultural Marxism,” or they do see a world that, conforms to Gorka’s worldview, but they cynically ignore it and lie about it for personal gain. The latter case is seen as applying to most liberals in positions of power. So Hunter Biden’s use of the n-word is interpreted not as some white bro making a tasteless joke. For Gorka, it’s an example of the mask slipping. In Gorka’s world, PoC are inferior so any one who buys into an idea that claims to support equality, such as liberalism, is either a fool or is cynically using said ideology for personal gain.
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

C'mon brah, lie better :lol:
This whole race is a complete **** show

Yang is Bloomberg 2.0 and flip flops on everything
Stringer is a perv
Maya Wiley is finally getting endorsements but it’s too late
Gracia got the newspaper endorsements and that is all she talks about now
Adams is a liar and does it dumbly
Morales staff is striking against her
McGuire is Cole Anthony’s step father and he plays for the Magic
Shaun Donovan’s daddy is trying to buy him the Mayor’s job
There is a candidate named Paperboy Prince

**** SHOW and we haven’t even failed at rank voting yet
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Hunter Biden was letting that n-word fly in those texts but every reported instance was him calling his white lawyer the n-word :stoneface:
Wtf is wrong with this guy
I bet you he thought it would be protected under attorney-client privilege. The way those text read he was saying that stuff too blatantly for it to be a one time case unless he felt that case was special. He’s in a race with the Trump boys for dumbest child of the President and gaining ground fast.
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Smh :smh:

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