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Larry Elder prob too ethnic for the GQP folks to get behind. Maybe if CPA and bear aficionado John Cox was the front runner…
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Larry Elder prob too ethnic for the GQP folks to get behind. Maybe if CPA and bear aficionado John Cox was the front runner…
I'm old enough to remember the days when everyone was convinced the first black president would be a Republican, because as long as the (R) was next to the name, it was gravy. You get the black vote, plus the people who only check the (R) box. Guess not.
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The funniest thing about this whole recall thing was some of the media trying to drum up interest and “drama” like it was bout to be close :lol: :smh:

It’s alotta weird things in Cali but it’s still the most rational state in the country by far overall
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The Met Gala is a weird phenomenon. Yes, many of the people involved are super rich, but ultimately it’s not (just) about wealth. There are plenty of super rich people that would never get an invite.

it’s just a weird cool kids club with queen bee, Anna Wntour, doling out points at the very top. It’s the apex of fashion as art eating itself and has more to do with celebrity, and specifically niche celebrity, than it has to do with wealth. But, that said, it’s an incredibly important event in the world of fashion as art. It is one of the most important places for your art to be seen if that’s your medium.

The dress that AOC wore isn’t even “her” dress so, ultimately, it isn’t her statement. The artist who is making that statement is Aurora James. That fashion is her medium and the Met Gala is one of fashion‘s biggest nights is not Aurora’s doing. She’s an artist, she has a view, and this is an entirely appropriate venue for her to express that view through her art.

AOC is, arguably, part of the artistic statement itself. So Aurora pays for her ticket to get the expression across in full. Should we fault AOC for agreeing to be part of, and through her own position amplify, an artistic view by a black New York based artist that happens to largely be aligned with her own politics?

Maybe? But this whole debate kind of reminds me of (mostly male) music fans who love complaining about music made for and appreciated by teenage girls. If you’re mad about this whole thing it might just be because it isn’t for you.
Orange County has been trending Democratic for the last few elections now.
OC changed the moment it turned Democrat in 2018. It was pretty funny how they lost their **** when all the Republicans lost.
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