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I need to find the paper, but there was some research done into how effective Fox News in swinging opinions on the right wing. Like it is so strong it swings elections by a couple points.
Wasn't that the goal of the creator of Fox News? I believe he said that Nixon would have never resigned if there was an outlet to give a right-wing spin to political events.
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I occasionally will listen to conservative radio to hear what nonsense they are spewing and am still surprised how obsessed they are with Hillary Clinton (Bill and Chelsea too). Get over it... you beat them (electoral college at least) lol. Anyway they are destroying her over this. They dont care about Tulsi or any of the dem candidates...they just want Hillary to look bad and petty. Its like Trump and Rosie O'Donnell over there.

Personally, I agree with Van Jones. I think uncorroborated "russian asset" accusations looks bad on the party and sows division.

Everyone needs to move passed this. She is polling at 1%.

Hypothesis 1) She is a Russian asset.
Conclusion: Who cares. Ignore her...she is polling at 1%. Treat her like Marianne.

Hypothesis 2) She loves America and just sees things differently as evidenced by her voting record and friends.
Conclusion: Who cares. Vote for her if you like her style and voting record.

This actually helps party outsiders and confirms what they have been saying about the Democratic establishment... they dont like members going rogue. Let's not forget that the dem party is more diverse ideologically (not just on gender and race).

If I ran as a democrat or republican I would likely be deemed a Russian asset too.
I am a hispanic male, who loves Jesus, has an MBA, is a socialist, a pacifist, lives in the bay area, and drives a pickup LOL
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Asset is a strong word, but since we have decided to use words in stead of expressive dancing, we might as well use the correct ones. So far, she seems to be every very antithesis of a liability towards all things Russia. So there's that.
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Watchmen on HBO last night, opened up with a recreation in 1921 Tulsa Massacre on Black Wall Street.

Black Wall Street is trending today, because a lot of white people never knew this happened or it existed.

BWS was never taught to me when I went to HS or college. It took The Game coming out back then to figure out where he got the name from
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Example 16484629640354 that these silicon valley 'new age' tech CEO's are not necessarily progressive by default or on your side :lol:

They're no different from the billionaires in other industries actively funding the destruction of the planet and middle class for their own gain,just got a fresh coat of paint
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