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Andrew Yang might run for Mayor if NYC :lol:

Honestly, I thought his long game was to extort a few billion, on the convention floor from Bernie in exchange for delegates, for his new, "green" VC fund.

I know that Yang in a resident of New York State. I didn't know that he could run for Mayor of NYC.

Edit: My Brother, another DSA member and VC investor, just sent me a list of Venture Capitalists to call and otherwise contact to recruit from Yang Gang to Bernie. I love living in California.

Watch this space, people. This is how the DSA wields so much power.
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What's everyone getting their s.o. for v-day?

I got mine 10 bottles of libbie tears, each one extracted from a different sad day for Dums. One is from the day Mueller said Trump was fully and totally exonerated. The best one, though, of course, is from the night of November 8, 2016. Collected samples from all across the country that day. Really the finest tears one could ask for. Very salty, smelling of kale and desperation. Carefully aged for 3 years in a bottle down in the coal mines. The perfect aphrodisiac.
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