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It’s ironic that the same people who justify the killing of black men for “breaking the law” when they sell untaxed cigarettes, or steal ciggirillo’s, or drive drunk, are the same people breaking the law lighting fireworks off after the 11:45 cut off time. And were lighting them off before June 29th (the date that the law allows here) . These people claim to hold the law to such high regards that if you are black and break the law, regardless of the law, death is justified, but they keep breaking the law themselves every night.


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Keep an eye on this court case
Trump’s niece says 2001 NDA based on ‘fraudulent’ financial information
Lawyers seeking to clear path for Mary Trump’s book made argument in filings in New York this week

Lawyers for Donald Trump’s niece seeking to clear her path to publish a book about the family have cited “bombshell” New York Times reporting on the Trumps’ tax affairs as proof a non-disclosure agreement signed in 2001 was based on “demonstrably fraudulent” financial information and should be held invalid.
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