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the president was one of the main infected persons at a superspreader event, hurting many, many people but hahahaha kamala mistakenly said tupac was her favorite living rapper ahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhahhahhahahhhhahahahahahahahhahha :rolleyes

c’mon man.
Why do you think they had so many extra tickets to waste on petty trolling?
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I am CONVINCED that´s why they´re not doing the contact tracing thing at the White House, bet cash money the muppet is personally responsible for dozens upon dozens of infections and that would be a super bad look.

guy got the Joint Chiefs of Staff on medical quarantine...Bin Laden somewhere laughing.
It's not Bin Laden who's laughing though; it's all his dictator friends who can't believe that he actually believed his own lies to the point that he stopped getting tested daily.
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