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For the record, I did not get any PPP funds or any loan at all for that matter. So I certainly didn't steal any funds.

As much as people on here talk about the need for fact-checkers and accuracy, misinformation is spread in here consistently.

I guess "truth" depends on the side of the aisle it comes from.
Yesterday, I shared an article to fact check the claim that Trump used chroma keying to fake a video filmed on the White House lawn.

So let’s go ahead and fact check this, too.

Your defense hinges on the following claims:

You (1) “did not receive any PPP funds” (2) “or any loan for that matter.” (3) There was no misappropriation.

The first two claims are characteristically semantic. (1) You did not receive PPP funds, but you applied for and received $1,000 from a related SBA program: the Economic Injury Disaster Loan or EIDL program.

(2) The $1,000 you received was a forgivable loan advance, so the second part of your claim requires us to accept that a loan advance from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program is not a loan. This is the worst sort of bad faith semantic argument, up there with “that depends on what the definition of is is.”

This was not an emergency gift program. Borrowers are encouraged, but not required, to repay the loan advance.

(3) The EIDL program was created to provide bridge capital to prevent the failure of struggling small businesses during the lockdown. To accept that you did not misappropriate these funds requires us to believe that the unincorporated sneaker resale venture you participate in using your spare time does not constitute a hobby business, and required an emergency cash infusion to avoid failure. To this point, you’ve provided nothing, save for indignation, to distinguish your StockX account from those of all other StockX users on NikeTalk, which serve as a convenient way to make some extra money on the side through a personal interest in collectible footwear. As such, I think users have the right to agree to disagree with your characterization of the business - respectfully, of course.

In July, the OIG reported massive amounts of fraud stemming from the EIDL program. Abuse of the program appears widespread, and neither begins nor ends with your individual loan advance. While it’s ultimately up investigators to determine which businesses are eligible for any given relief program, I don’t think it’s out of bounds for users to offer their opinions on your use or misuse of EIDL funding.

Would it help if I asked him to use the word “allegedly?”

Interesting how this endorsement didn’t elicit the familiar template response used most recently on the Proud Boys: “I don’t know anything about the Taliban. I’ve never met them. This is my first time hearing about a Taliban. What do you want me to say? Taliban: stand back and stand by!”

White could be the difference?

Now that we know they’re capable of issuing a strong denunciation without burying it beneath prior equivocation or denials: do White Nationalists and QAnon.
Keep that same energy.
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Two of my boys was agreeing with some of the **** she was saying. I was disgusted. They’re believing all those memes and conspiracy theories. Taking about Biden a pedophile and Hillary Clinton trafficking kids
Sounds like those Qanon conspiracys , stuff is legit dangerous. There’s a subreddit called “Qanoncasualties” about people who have lost friends/family members to the conspiracy. I saw one post on there about how girls roommate used to hate Trump, got deep into a conspiracy and donated two months rent to the Trump campaign. WILD.
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