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I checked his posts. He didn't post much, but he largely stayed in the shoe sections.
Here's his arc:
My cousin went to some Latinos for Trump parade in Florida over the weekend. He said they had 30k people there. I didn't believe him until he sent me this video. All of my family, who came here from Nicaragua, in Miami is voting for Trump because they want nothing to do with Biden and his socialism(their words, not mine). It seems like a lot of Latinos feel that way, at least in Florida. **** is wild.

Concern trolling.

BLM destroying black-owned, pro-BLM businesses. :smh::rolleyes

Racist concern trolling.

The contents from the laptop from hell are being leaked by the Chinese, and I wish I didn't see what I just saw. :sick: :smh: Probably should've used a VPN.

Biden family is sick as ****.
Qanon concern trolling.

red81 red81 , come get your little brother/roommate/miscellaneous scapegoat.

The real Christian Pulisic is MAGA.

Just like me. :smile:
Given how Chester McFloppy went out, I wouldn't doubt it.

So people think the "Hunter Biden sex tape" is incriminating because it's proof that the Chinese government had this as blackmail to force Hunter and Joe to do things for them. And they bribed them.

I'm confused. If you blackmail someone, you don't pay them :lol: Bribery is a means of getting someone to do something for you they otherwise would not. So if your blackmail is that tape, you have no need to pay them.

Also, if the Chinese Government was manipulating Biden to do things for them, why would they leak something that could hurt his election chances? These conspiracies are getting more and more illogical
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Dunno about yall but I've become more and more cynical and disillusioned over the past four years. Scary how effective propaganda is.

We really need a formal critical thinking course in public education because some people are really um... d(af)ull to put it kindly. 🤦‍♂️ :stoneface:

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