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It is more like a magic 8-Ball

No, it can't tell me that, I didn't pay for the premium package.

But it can tell me that on November 3rd you will still be a sellout black man that capes for white supremacy, and is hostile to the black community.

And when I asked it if your *** will always be such a pathetic, immoral defender of bigots, the answer was...
Wait...hold on....dwalk is black?

Lmao :lol: chill out

Methodical Management

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Joined Jan 5, 2011
So after voting for a cruel bigot in 2016 you don't even have the balls to make it right this time

I dunno why I thought you would do the right thing

Welp, I guess voting against the interest of black people is your thing, though.
Wait...hold on....Bert voted for Trump in 2016?? And had the nerve to act cool and ask me for pistons tickets that I wasn't using? And to think, I actually cared that his unemployment funds were dragging.



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we are up to 5 now. pence still planning to campaign. nobody has the heart to tell him that his campaigning is not going to matter to the election?

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