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I'm glad Kamala didn't buy anything while she was Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma. It would've ended like:

White/White Air Force x 1
Chuck Taylor Black/White x 1
Jordan 3 Black/Cement x 1
Total: $2,450
I love seeing people be surprised at the exorbitant total at the end and then either reluctantly paying for it all or getting rid of the biggest item :lol:
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The Tennessee Tri-fecta!!
FYI in case y’all wanna be fake woke:

“In populations of North Africa, West Asia and South India, consanguineous marriages are culturally and socially favoured and constitute 20–50% of all marriages [Fig. 1], with first cousins unions accounting for almost one-third of all marriages (Bittles 2011; Tadmouri et al. 2009)

consanguineous marriage: second cousin or closer.

not pro or against, just remember there are billions in this world with many traditions that date back thousands of years.


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White supremacy is a helluva drug
dwalk31 dwalk31 trying to get his shot up today:
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We see you lurking.

Here's something else to keep you "busy":



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Speaking of the Supreme Court, there's a sitting justice in my country at one of our high courts (we have multiple) who is a flagrant lobbyist the government of Azerbaijan. He constantly praises the Azerbaijan regime both over at home and abroad, writes op-eds fawning over their government, regularly flies over there to meet with high level government officials, criticizes critics of the regime, ...
On top of that he refuses to disclose who's paying for all those trips. When the source of some of his payments was revealed, it turned out it came from 2 lobbyists, one under indictment and the other already convicted. Both of course happened to have ties to Azerbaijan, go figure.

He even made an appearance in the Mueller investigation. Manafort had put him on a recruiting list for a secret Ukraine lobbying group.
Manafort seeing this sitting justice as a potential recruit for a secretive lobby group really just says it all. Someone we still haven't impeached him.

You'd think maybe he toned it down a bit after the payment leaks and his appearance in the Mueller investigation but nope, even now he's still regularly fawning over the regime despite the current conflict with Armenia.
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Republican Latinos don’t care about anyone but themselves. They don’t care about immigration, they’re the “better” lations.
They didn't get caught when they "married" their third degree cousin for papers, so it's all good. They did it the "right way."

They didn't get caught when they got residency through their kids when they turned 18, so they did it the "right way."

They didn't get caught or die when they crossed the Caribbean waters to take advantage of the generous anti-Castro immigration policy of the Reagan administration, so they did it the "right way."
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